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The discussions have been running hot in the popdevelop chat regarding the logo. It all started when we talked about ordering popdevelop stuff from spreadshirt. We made some logo examples on different colors that would work on different backgrounds. We started playing around with pixels and CMYK colors and came up with the prototype logo below.

#1 Pixel diskettes

The disks were then moved around like crazy and the following series of examples were made and now we can’t really tell if it’s a good concept or not. And which one of the ones below are the best. We would love it if you could put in a vote for one of them or just tell us what you think. We might on the wrong track.
I’m sorry for the bad size conversion on some of the ones below.

#2 Disk Logo Perspective

#3 Diskette logo rotated

#4 Diskette Logo Left


#5 Diskette logo 4 left

#6 Diskette Logo Left Lowered

If one of you creative peeps have any ideas on what we can do with our logo leave a comment below. It would be much appreciated!