Sebastian Wallin

Me and Joel are going to Sweden Social Web Camp. SSWC is an unconference about the social web. People from all over Sweden bring tents, laptops and beer to an island and turn it into a geek festival, somewhat.

Since we are Popdevelop, we can’t just go to such a place without creating some weird stuff for people to play around. So we decided to build a couple cool gadgets that incorporate rad social network interaction. We will blog about this project in a few days when we our ideas has stabilized somewhat. Keywords that have floated around in our brainstorm sessions are “bird house”, “Twitter”, “free trips to the Moon”. All of these won’t be a part of the inventions however.

For the hardware parts, Sebastian the mechanic is going to help us out. Unfortunately he won’t get to travel to the island with us since he missed the opportunity to buy tickets. They all went away really fast. There’s one last chance though — Johan Lundberg announced on Twitter that he’s unable to go to SSWC and that he’s giving away the ticket for free to someone that will really contribute to the camp. You can visit his blog to read about the details.

We think Sebastian deserves a place on the island for many reasons. Mainly since he will be large part of what we’re creating and presenting at SSWC and won’t be able to experience it. Without him we wouldn’t be able to build the funny little gadgets, and it feels sad that he can’t be with us at the island. Also, Sebastian is social, perhaps a bit crazy and hungers for some hardcore social interaction. Vote for Sebastian!

And be sure not to miss Helen Alfvegrens promotion page for Sebastian!