We have now added an intro and fixed some sound issues in the first episode of the spot we recorded for Sweet Sunday Web Crunch. While we were at it we also uploaded it to YouTube for everyone to enjoy for eternity (or until that day when the US government buys Google and scrapes all data of it). “Mys” is Swedish for “Cozy”. Cozy, huh?

And tomorrow it’s time to air the third episode of SSWCrunch. Our contribution to the first two has been well appreciated. This time we have less than 24 hours to come up with a cool idea for the third episode. This is because the original plan was to squeeze in some recoding last Wednesday, but that evening was dedicated to hang out with another Malmö startup called Binary Peak. Those guys plainly rock so you don’t wanna miss spending an evening with them. And they bought us poor people burgers and beer so yes, we love ‘em!