SSWCrunch Gang

Tonight at 19.00 Swedish time we’ll have our own litte spot in Sweet Sunday Web Crunch.

It’s the third season of this popular webcast covering a wide range social media and tech stuff in a laid back fashion. And Popdevelop is there to talk about quitting your jobs and starting your own business. Björn Falkevik and Joakim Nyström are well-known for running the show and new for this season is Helen Alfvegren. Awesome and inspiring with a drop dead nerdy girl featured in a tech show like this. Thumbs up!

This season of SSWCrunch consists of eight episodes and our little spot will be a permanent feature during the whole season. In the first spot we discuss quitting your job to focus on your own business. We recently found out that it really isn’t that hard and we realized that the worst thing that can happen is that we run out of money and are forced to find another job. However, we’re dead determined to make this happen and the passion for creating stuff on our own is just maxed out.

So don’t miss the show tonight! And stay with us for the rest of the season. It will be a helluva ride!