A short summary of the past days, whats up with Popdevelop?

SSWCrunch – S03E02

A week ago we did our second appearance on the awesome show, Sweet Sunday Web Crunch. It was shoot during a WordPress event in Stockholm with @rockspindeln, @bjornfalkevik, @jnystromdesign and @jocke hosting the event. Highlights from the show include @pelles episode about nerds and @jockes thoughts about open source and the Internet. If you wanna see our show again, the episodes are available on our Youtube channel!


We did some hacking with @peterneubauer and @achaido on a project we started two weeks ago. It looks like its gonna be some kind of train related site using the neo4j database. More info soon!

New Corporate Site

I think most of you already know this, but a few weeks ago we quit our jobs and few days later we started our company Popdevelop AB. This means we need a corporate website with well a formulated mission statement. Something like this seems to be used by a lot of companys

Create value for our customers by delivering innovative IP based services in a cost effective manner, that illustrates our commitment to a win-win solution and establishes a relationship based on mutual trust and satisfaction. Cultivate our relationships with our extended teams, strive for continuous improvement and offer an environment that encourages our team members to […]

We hate this kind of shit and went for something different,

“Passion is king, No bureaucracy, Play ball”

New site

We will launch our new site in a few days, meanwhile if you wanna hire us, give us a holla