path2 was just released. I haven’t read much about it before and installed it when I got an email with a request to share my “path”. I joined and instantly liked the easy-to-use interface and smooth transitions. Though after been using it for a couple of minutes I realized that the only thing you can share is photos. No text, no video, no nothing. Oh well you can add some text but it has to be in a predetermined format.

Nevertheless I was really hooked by the 50 person share limit. I am starting to get tired of my Twitter and Facebook accounts starting to fill up with people I never talk to and I don’t want in my inner circle. Of course you can use features such as personal lists but the simplicity in Path is a step further.

So after a couple of hours with Path, photos from my friends started dropping in and I realized that this has some really big potential! Imagine you have 50 friends who all share one photo every day. That’s a nice bunch of cozy images.

Some drawbacks with Path is that it’s iPhone only when it comes to mobile clients and that the web and mobile client differs in feature set to a level that it all feels like a beta. But I’ll give it a try! It’s something different than the rest of the bunch. It’s your path.