Örenäs Slott

This weekend we are attending the X Media Labs LBS conference here in Malmö. Since we are developing a framework for location based services, this event is the perfect opportunity to meet some smart people and present our hacks. After the conference we will attend a two day workshop in the nice venue of Örenäs Castle.

XMediaLab Sweden will explore the latest frontier of digital media – the physical world. As GPS, GIS, mapping, tagging and augmented reality mature and we Google Map our way around, there’s a whole new set of services, products and content arriving at our doorstep – or more correctly, on our hand-held, wi-fi enabled and soon to be Bluetooth-low-energy devices.

XML Sweden will bring together world leading media, mapping and LBS experts to meet with the world’s most interesting business and technological ideas to explore how to integrate and use positioning and proximity in this new era of digital media and games. And of course – how to monetize these new platforms and services!

Since we will meet a lot of new people we decided to create our first set of business cards. We couldn’t really decide if we should go with a corporate American Psycho style card with subtle off-white coloring or something with stock photos.

We went for something different, today we are ordering two versions of our business cards. Just in case we need to exchange cards with Obama or the Swedish King, we censored some of the cards and removed the beer bottle and ghetto tags to make it more suite-safe.

Here they are, what do you think?

Contact info
Contact info Censored version

Castle photo courtesy of Mathilde and the pink one by tilljoel