New years eve

Long time, no post, but we’re still here! For the last three months we’ve practically had two parallel jobs. Commuting to work for one hour each direction, trying to write a couple of mails on the train, meet some people for lunch. And some hacking in the evening. It wasn’t unusual for us to stay up until 3 AM in the morning, sleep for four hours, and then back to our day jobs. Some days we floated around the office in zombie mode while trying to act like human beings.

Since last week we’re full-time popdevelopers (no Wikipedia article for that word yet). Three months ago we quit our day jobs and now we’re on our own. We managed to get a deal that brings us food to the table for about two months. The project involves creating a site displaying all trains in Sweden on a map in realtime. There’s already a site that sort of does this, but our project is part of a more general data visualisation framework that we’re currently developing.

Thinking about the future makes us happy. We all have our dreams of rolling our own and succeeding. We don’t dream about money and fame. We dream about feeling free and influencing the outcome of our work to one hundred percent. At the same time it’s a scary feeling. Every day is important. We can’t just go to work and watch eight hours pass by. Most often you don’t do that as an employee either, but we just can’t. It’s easy to get stressed and nervous about this. I guess it’s something we’ll have to live with. To learn how to focus. And then relax.