Every now and then Popdevelop crawls out of their cave and try to do stuff not involving sitting dead quiet in front of a green terminal screen. Next time this will happen is April 13th where we will talk about Google Maps. The event takes place at the office of ustwo on Södra Förstadsgatan 2. Doors are open from 1730 and we intend to start the presentation at 1800.

We will split our presentation into four major sections and try not to dig too deep into obscure code snippets.

Basic concepts

The common parts of a Google Map. We will cover navigation controls, map tiles, icons, layers, events and some other subjects that are nice to know when moving on to the other sections.

Custom styling and customization

How to twist all the basic components into something that fits your particular site. Almost everything regarding colors, data and behavior can be tweaked or replaced.

Performance optimization

Techniques used to improve performance when big amounts of data need to be displayed and interacted with. By using server and client side clustering and KML-layers combined with careful coding, some impressive results can be achieved.

Related stuff

Some brief description of Flash maps, static maps, Google Fusion Tables and other related concepts that might be of interest.

Hope to see guys before crawling into the cave again! And make sure that you sign up here.