First page

A couple of weeks ago, Popdevelop hired a cabin in the woods outside of Båstad to get some serious apping done. For six days we designed and implemented an iPhone app for Siljan Turism and the sweet baby can be downloaded from the AppStore. Before going away, most of the design work was done and accepted by the customer so most of the time in the cabin was spent coding, eating pasta and forest running. Here’s a short summary of some of the views in the app.

Home screen

The first screen contains the official logo along with some typical Swedish patterns and of course loads of Swedish wood. Notice the horse tab, the most unique feature ever implemented in a Popdevelop production. And it glows when tapped!

Tourist guide

Nine main categories with three that differs slightly from the rest. The first gives you all results which are near you, the second contains nature stuff which will be enhanced with more functionality in the future, and the third sorts events by date.

Item list

Lists a category from the tourist guide. Introduced a new concept of browsing subcategories compared to other tourism apps, which allow you to stay on the same screen instead of going back and forward to see different subcategories.

Tour generator

Click on the magical red button to generate a tour for the day. Gives you an in-app route and enables you to regenerate it if you’re not satisfied.

That’s all folks! See you in the next tourism app!