For the third year in a row we’re attending hacknight.se, a hacker conference here in Malmö organized by the hackerspace Forskningsavdelningen. It’s a mix of workshops and talks focused on creative use of open software/hardware. The lineup this year is better then ever and I hope to learn new things and meet some nice people.

  • Linked Data! — Marie Gustafsson Friberger/@mariegus
  • Wearable computing! — Tony Olsson
  • Crypto talk — Teddy and Björn
  • P2P web apps — Mattias Wingstedt
  • Milkymist VJ — Sebastien Bourdeauducq/@milkymistvj
  • Pubsub.io — Ian Jørgensen/@ianjorgensen
  • Use GPRS with Arduino — David Cuartielles/@dcuartielles
  • meshkit! — Jonathan Baldwin/@jrbaldwinn
  • Online video broadcasting during the Arabic Spring — Måns Adler/@Manster
  • Internet Activism Infrastructure Organization — Etu
  • Seven ways to die! — Magnus Eriksson/@monki
  • Shared online inventory — Michel Legnered

The highlights so far is listening to David, the co-founder of Ardunio, talking about how M2M and telematics will change and how far the Arduino project has come. Make sure to check out the code at Github if you want to build Arduino based telematics systems. This is how easy it is to send an SMS with the GSM Library for the Arduino GSM/GPRS Shield. The internet of things is here!

Now its time for some workshops and hacking. If you’re here, give us a holla!

You can also catch us next week on SSWC or in three weeks during The Conference. Later!