Social Dekal

Finally home after a few days at the Yasuragi spa at Hasseludden in Stockholm. We attended the 24 hour business camp that was held there for the third year in a row. Since it was the first year for us, we didn’t really know what to expect and we went there with some vague ideas on what to build. After spending three days there I must say its one of the better hack events in Sweden, and we have tried most of them.

The atmosphere was awesome, good food, no interruptions and a lot of smart and focused people. The perfect setup for a 24h coding marathon.

When we applied to 24hbc, we got accepted with the idea “Custom NFC Stickers”. The plan was to use these 24 hours to bootstrap our project, launch a site and get enough data to measure and evaluate.

Since the market penetration of NFC-enabled phones are very slim today, it was difficult to build a minimum viable product that gave us enough data/feedback to measure. Our solution to the problem was to move the focus from NFC and look at existing solutions to verify our future NFC enabled idea. To the rescue was QR-codes, that in many areas are used in the same way as NFC.

We coded for 24 hours and launched our MVP, A print-on-demand solution that uses both NFC and QR. See our 1min pitch below (ff 6min) or watch the slides here

Big up to the all people from 24hbc Ted, Janne, Vinnova, fpx, .se, jocke, Falkevik, petter and the winners of the jury award, Silar!

If you like our project, give it some love at and check out the pictures we took during the event

Good times! See you next year and perhaps at Internet discovery day or Sime?