Last week we launched WeSkins, a site where you can upload your images and design your own durable sticker. A nice and easy way to personalize your favorite gadget! We work with professional artists who regularly contribute to the skin gallery.

We’ve been working on the site more or less since February, but not on full power. Mostly one person at a time, with some periods of team crunching. The project is a co-op between us, Crowd – who’s doing marketing and Stick-It – who takes care of printing, shipping and support. This team shows how we like to work, stitching necessary expertise together to form an ultra-effective company! We’ve also founded the company Stick It On Devices AB where all three companies have shares which makes cooperation easier.

The software platform is based on Ruby on Rails which is running on a number of Amazon instances. All the computing that needs to be done when generating skins from user uploaded images takes up lots of resources. These jobs are run in Resque which gives us a great overview of what’s happening. The client application is a single-page app to prepare for snappy mobile versions, although we haven’t had much time for adapting to anything else than a normal web view yet. The skin design tool is using the Raphael.js library to make a nice cross platform solution. It even works on an iPad!

So far we’ve only shouted about WeSkins in our own channels but the coming weeks will have some big campaigns running. We feel extremely excited working with end-users. Nothing feels as rewarding as feedback from your customers!