This example demonstrates how to integrate user accounts using Parse as backend and AngularJS for handling the logged in user. If you don’t prefer AngularJS, it should be quite easy to extract the vanilla-flavored Javascipt. You could also try our service Userbin if you’re looking for something more out-of-the-box.

Create a free account at Parse and pick whatever name you want for your first application. Then take note of your Application ID and Javascript Key. Or, just go with my credentials for now.

Include the required libraries in your <HEAD> section:

Then add markup for the sign up form and initialize the AngularJS app which will have it’s function signUp called on submit. Also add a section which will be displayed only to logged in users, with the option to log out.

Now it’s time to wire up this thing. In your Javascript, start by initializing Parse with your Application ID and Javascript Key. Alternatively, use my credentials while playing around:

Lastly we put together an AngularJS app to handle signups and keep track of the currently logged in user:

That’s it! People can sign up and log out of your application. However, you’ll need a bit more functionality to take this into production, e.g. enabling your users to login again once they’ve logged out. So, I’ve put together a full working example as a JSBin for you all to enjoy.

If you want a more out-of-the box solution with pre-designed login and signup forms, you may want to try out Userbin.