Whistle based login

This weekend we attended Malmö Music Hack Weekend hosted at Malmö Incubator.
The 24h hackathon were sponsored by Spotify, Soundcloud and Echonest and was all about creating services based on music APIs.

Since we’re currently working on a new cloud-user-service, userbin.com, we wanted to do something that involved authentication aswell. So how do we combine authentication with music? We think the hack we did during the event came pretty close!

Careless whistle is a (somewhat silly) proof of concept using HTML5 audio together with some basic signal processing to sample an audio stream and detect notes. The notes are then captured in order and the difference between them is then used as the “secret” password.

Because of the obvious security flaws, I doubt that this new “inovative” way of logging in will ever take off, but at least it was mentioned in this blog post over at evolver.fm. But a least it is convenient!

Check out and try the demo at (currently Chrome only):

or fork the project at Github