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Sebastian Wallin

July 7, 2014 16

Sexy splash modal using Bootstrap, CSS3 and AngularJS

Fullscreen splash modal

View the demo Recently I came across a beautiful slideshow image gallery by the extremely talented Mary Lou over at Codrops blog. This blog is one of my absolute favorite source of inspiration for UX and design concepts. What caught my attention was the super slick entering and exit animations. In this tutorial I’m going […]

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March 18, 2014 1

Static sites for rubyists using middleman and jumpstarter.io

Update: the content in this post that is related to Jumpstarter is no longer relevant since they’ve changed their offer since the article was written. You can still try it on other services, like eg. Heroku. There is a new Swedish hosting provider called jumpstarter.io and they recently launched a feature that makes it really […]

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November 5, 2013 0

Whistle based login using HTML5 audio

Whistle based login

This weekend we attended Malmö Music Hack Weekend hosted at Malmö Incubator. The 24h hackathon were sponsored by Spotify, Soundcloud and Echonest and was all about creating services based on music APIs. Since we’re currently working on a new cloud-user-service, userbin.com, we wanted to do something that involved authentication aswell. So how do we combine […]

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August 27, 2012 4

Real-time Instagrams in Malmoe


Back at Sweden Social Web Camp in 2011 we made a web application for showing real time instagrams coming from the camp location. However, since we live in Malmö we thought that it would be nice to have the app running, showing recent instagrams in Malmö on a more permanent basis.

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February 1, 2011 24

The “Malen” Boombox


We know many of you have waited for this post. This is a post about the boombox that has amused and annoyed people at several occasions. It was originally built to serve at Roskilde Festival 2010 but will surely come in handy in the future aswell. Background You won’t revolutionize the world by building a […]

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November 14, 2010 7

Playing with LEGO again


A friend of mine invited me to an event called Altran Robot Challenge. It is perhaps described as a nice social gathering with food and drinks held by the company Altran in Malmö, Sweden. Now, we all know that engineers/tech-nerds don’t really like to socialize so what made this event interesting was the fact that […]

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August 10, 2010 37

Simple drag ‘n drop Javascript for iPhone and iPad


With smart phones everywhere and tablets popping up at an increasing speed I just thought that I could share this quick tutorial on how to make touch screen devices interact with the web. In other words: capturing touch screen events on your web page. In this post I’ll show you how to make an object […]

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May 12, 2010 1

Writing a simple Growl-like jQuery plugin

I’ve been using jQuery as a backbone for my Javascript projects now for a while and it is really making life alot easier! In fact, I think it’s pretty close to genius! In this tutorial I’ll describe the how to make a simple jQuery plugin which throws notification messages (like the famous OSX notification system […]

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