Web backends

This is the core of your web-based application. The interface can be all good and shiny, but without anyone backing it up with data and number crunching, you can’t really do much fancy stuff.

Ten years ago, anyone could deploy a web app. Today, careful considerations has to be made when choosing the right database and web framework. There are many examples of poorly designed sites that got published by one of the major players Reddit, and five minutes later went out of service. A modern web app has to be prepared to scale and handle thousands of requests per second.

Popdevelop makes sure that your app uses the right tools. We have worked with most popular frameworks such as Django, Ruby on Rails, Tornado Web. Depending on the requirements, one or a combination of databases are chosen. Our favorites are PostgreSQL, MongoDB and Redis, but every new project has to adapt to the demands.

Front end web development

Web development skills are something that becomes more and more important. With browsers getting more and more advanced, you are able to produce desktop-like applications in which you can manage your day to day tasks. And the best part is that the web application is instantly cross-platform! With minor adaptations even newer smartphones are covered.

However, it’s a jungle out there with cross-browser incompatibilities and a new “silver bullet” Javascript library poppin’ out every week. We have been around writing web apps since the birth of the web, from our first websites in the beginning of the 90s (yes, they did have GIF-animations with flames and “we’re open 24h”-signs) all up until now with full fledged AJAX-driven applications focusing on web-standards. In other words: we have a solid knowledge of what’s required for a good web application.

Whether you need a simple Facebook application or a complex backend-supported web application with loads of widgets, Popdevelop got you covered!

Embedded systems

An embedded system such as a mobile phone or an Arduino creation is just a computer. However, since memory, processing power and storage are limited, special skills are often needed in order to make complex systems run at full speed.

Mobile phones are becoming quite sophisticated when it comes to performance but imagine the vast array of computers in our everyday life that keeps growing bigger and bigger. Cars, Blu-Ray players, GPS-receivers, printers, microwave ovens, dishwashers. The list continues forever.

Popdevelop has an extensive background in low-level programming and signal processing to cope with the limitations of an embedded solution. We treat our microcontrollers from ARM, Atmel and MIPS as our children. Let us help your microcontroller stand on its feet.